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Our Legacy

William Reep opened Reep Fire Protection in 2002 after serving his country in the United States Navy. Before joining the Navy Bill had been in the fire protection industry since 1988. He took his knowledge and expertise into the Navy to help protect his fellow comrades. Bill saw a need in Temecula Valley for reliable fire protection services that put the customer first, and took the leap to to open Reep Fire Protection. Over the years Reep Fire expanded their business into all of Southern California, and the company started to expand on the home front as well. Bill’s oldest son Trevor would tag along to work with him at a young age and developed a love for the industry and seeing the difference his father made in the community. In 2014 Trevor started working full time with his father and the family business was born.Trevor and Bill built a name for themselves all through Southern California as honest, reliable, and trustworthy.

In 2021, Bill unfortunately  passed away, and Trevor stepped up to fill his shoes. 

After Bill’s passing, Trevor took sole ownership of Reep Fire Protection. His main priority became to carry on his father’s legacy in continuing to providing the same quality and trustworthy service that Bill had. The staffing under Trevor has grown as the company as expanded, but Trevor has continued to focus efforts on hiring local veterans and currently has two on staff. He truly believes that everyone should feel at home at Reep Fire, and makes it his top priority to ensure that everyone feels like family, including his staff and customers.  

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