Clean Agent Suppression

Peace of Mind

Micro fire suppression systems utilize a simple pressurized detection tubing mechanism that detects fire at its inception without the need for elaborate electrical equipment and alarm systems, although they are capable of being integrated into an existing alarm control panel. Our systems are designed to fit into and protect valuable equipment from fire with the use of highly efficient clean agents.

Manufactured and built with quality material ensuring that the system of choice will last for years.

The key to our automatic fire suppression system is the detection tubing. The tubing is designed to burst and form a deployment nozzle when an open flame comes into contact with the tubing. These systems can stand alone without any power source to operate. They can be removed and reused in another application with minor modifications.

The agent used reaches its effective design concentration in as little as 10 seconds. These are clean water less systems that remove the heat energy from the fire. Being that it does not rob the oxygen from the environment, occupants in the surrounding area are safe if the system detonates.


Fire Sprinkler Systems

First Response

Our designs are created in-house by our technicians / engineers that have field experience and knowledge on how to both draw and physically install a system. With this versatility, Reep Fire technicians stand out, superior to the rest.  We can walk the site and create a custom system to fit your project needs quickly and with much flexibility. Our designs consist of only the very best with your satisfaction in mind. You will not be disappointed with the results produced by the Reep Fire Crew.

An installation by Reep Fire is quick, efficient, and professional. We believe our installations and designs represents who we are. Our installs are second to none. With a Reep Fire install you can expect a system that works in complete harmony and without flaw. We are a top quality performance shop. Guaranteed you will not be disappointed.  You will know that your system will perform to the highest expectations when it is needed the most leaving you worry free. Do not hesitate. Allow Reep Fire to get the job right the first time. Request a quote today.

Fire Extinguishers

Safety First

E - 2638 

Hydrostatic Testing Facility No. N033

We provide a full  service program for extinguishers which include a thorough breakdown, cleaning, and cylinder integrity inspection. If need be, we are able to recharge a discharged cylinder as well. If the structure of the extinguisher is compromised and damaged beyond repair we will recommend replacing it with a comparable cylinder that we offer.  

- Amerex

- Badger

- Buckeye

- Etc.

We are pleased to announce that we've brought on OVAL to our line of fire extinguisher options as of July 2018. Ask for details. 

Every 6 years, fire extinguishers need a complete tear down and internal / structural inspection.

Extinguishers also require a hydro static test every 12 years from the manufactured date.

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