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Our designs are created in-house by our technicians and engineers with extensive field experience and knowledge on how to both plan and install a system. This allows Reep Fire Protection to be a one-stop-shop, allowing you the peace of mind that we will worry about everything so you don’t have to.  We personally walk the site and create a custom system to accurately fit your project needs


Fire sprinkler: new project / existing / tenant improvement:

An installation by Reep Fire is quick, efficient, and professional. We believe our installations and designs represent who we are. We ensure a top quality performance, as we are a shop that truly takes pride in our craftsmanship. We provide you with the confidence that your system will perform  properly and effectively in case of an emergency.

Fire suppression:

We offer a wide array of fire suppression agents and products. We are proud to be both Southern California's and the western United States’ official distributor for Firetrace systems. The versatility of these fire suppression systems allows us to offer you total protection over your establishment. We offer specialty agents as well that do not leave a residue or rob oxygen, making this a safer alternative to other systems on the market.  Our systems have the capability to quickly and effectively extinguish a fire automatically​. This is a great option for those who’s business run equipment un-manned 24/7.​

Fire extinguisher:

We offer a full service, including hydrostatic testing, on fire extinguishers. Additionally we offer a full line up of agents abc, bc, purple k, class k (kitchen), co2, class d, etc. 

About Reep Fire Protection

 Reep Fire Protection is a veteran established business.

Established in 2002 - Reep Fire Protection is a veteran founded & operated business committed to providing professional and quality fire protection services. We aim to be the finest and most trustworthy fire protection company around. 

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