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Design, Installation, Repair, Inspection & Complete Service

Our system designs are all created in-house by our team of engineers with extensive field experience and knowledge to ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish. This allows Reep Fire Protection to be a one-stop-shop, allowing you the peace of mind knowing your system will perform as expected during an unwanted thermal event.  In addition to superior performance, each project receives a personal touch from our technicians servicing your equipment for the years to come making sure you are always ready for a fire. An installation by Reep Fire is quick, efficient, and professional. We believe our installations and designs represent who we are. We ensure top-quality performance, as we are a shop that truly takes pride in our craftsmanship. We provide you with the confidence that your system will perform properly and effectively when intended to.


Fire Sprinkler Commercial & Residential

We are a fully licensed shop and each of our technicians are individually certified through the state. We do this so you can have confidence knowing that your sprinkler system is being cared for by technicians that are the best of the best. We will do everything we can to provide customer satisfaction to the highest degree. Whatever you need, we can do it all.  Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual, 5-Year inspection services, annual and 5-year hydrant flow tests, tenant improvements, new ground up projects, and sprinkler modifications, etc. Fire Sprinkler service in Texas coming soon.


We are a proud Platinum Distributor for FireTrace International and FirePro products. The versatility of these fire suppression systems allows us to offer you total protection over your establishment or asset. Our clean agent systems also do not leave a residue or rob oxygen, making this a safer alternative to other systems on the market.  Our systems have the capability to quickly and effectively suppress a fire automatically​.​ CNC, EDMs, Wind Turbines, Computer Server Racks, Data Centers, Top-Loaders & Heavy Equipment, Charter Buses, etc.

FireTrace remains a world leader in special hazard fire suppression solutions. They are the first name in innovative fire suppression solutions and are also the first to adapt to new technologies. Globally accepted as the leader in special hazard fire protection, FireTrace International supplies powerful, flexible fire management solutions worldwide. FireTrace Aerospace, a wholly-owned subsidiary of FireTrace USA, applies the FireTrace core product line to the aviation and defense markets. 

Fire Suppression & Kitchen Hood Systems

We offer a wide array of fire suppression agents and products for many different applications. From industrial paint and coating booths to kitchen hood suppression systems, Reep Fire can do it! Kitchen suppression systems, semi-annual service & inspection, design, installation, and repair.

Fire Extinguisher

We offer full service, including hydrostatic testing, on all fire extinguisher types. We are a one stop shop! ABC, BC, Purple K, Class K (kitchen), CO2, Class D, Lithium Ion, Clean Agents, Halotron etc. 

After serving his country in the United States Navy, (founder) Bill Reep began creating a name for himself in the fire protection industry. Bill saw a need for quality and reliable fire protection services that put the customer first. With this motivated mindset, he took a leap of faith to open Reep Fire Protection. With his vast experience, knowledge, and determination, in 2002, Bill opened Reep Fire Protection.

Over the years Reep Fire gladly served the Inland Empire while expanding business throughout the state of California. Additionally, the company started to expand on the home front as well. Bill would allow his oldest son Trevor to join him occasionally to see his dad in action. At a young age, Bill would teach Trevor the in’s and out’s of not just the fire protection industry but life as well. Trevor got to see first hand the difference his father made in the community and how he was well loved and respected by all who knew him.

In 2014 Trevor started working full time with his father and the family business was on it’s way to becoming a legacy. Bill and Trevor joyfully continued building a name for themselves all throughout Southern California and the US as an honest, reliable, and trustworthy company.

Bill and Trevor worked closely together each day until Bill's passing September of 2021.

Following Bill’s passing, Trevor assumed his new role as the head of Reep Fire Protection. His priority became carrying on his father’s legacy in continuing to providing the same quality and trustworthy service that Bill demonstrated. With Trevor at the helm, he leads his team and the company the way Bill taught him. He truly believes that everyone should feel at home at Reep Fire, and makes it his top priority to ensure that everyone feels like family, including his staff and customers. As a team,

we will continue to honor Bill by providing great service and quality craftsmanship to all we are given the opportunity to serve.

God Bless!

Established in 2002 - Reep Fire Protection is a veteran founded & operated business committed to providing professional and quality fire protection services. We aim to be the finest and most trustworthy fire protection company around. 

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